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The sordid adventures of the pirate PunkJr

All I ask for is a tall ship & a star to sail her by...

P u n k J r
30 January 1977
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I hate trying to fill out biographies.

I'm Jason. I work for a radio station in Seattle. That makes me very happy. *laugh*

It's amazing what a little world travel will do to a person's outlook.

My dad was an F-16 pilot for the Air Force. that took us to Georgia; the Philippines; Spangdahlem, Germany; Fort Walton Beach, Florida; then back to Ramstein, Germany, where I graduated High School.

I joined the Navy, got stationed in Greece for 2 years, moved to Washington where I did 2 six month Carrier tours to the Persian Gulf, before getting out in March of 2001. *whew, long sentence*

Now I work and play in Seattle. Come find me, and we'll have a good time!!

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